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Should You Buy The Sony A7III In 2022?

Should You Buy The Sony A7III In 2022?


The Sony A7III is the third model in Sony’s popular A7 series of mirrorless generalist cameras. The A7 line debuted in 2013, with the A7III following in 2018. The line was announced as a camera that would demonstrate how mirrorless cameras could truly replace DSLRs.

I’ve been using the Sony A7III since it was released, and with the arrival of the Sony A7IV, experts all over the world are beginning to consider whether the A7III is still a good camera or whether it should be retired. Given how long I’ve been using it, I’ve come to a few conclusions. Is it really necessary for you to truly purchase the sony A7III in 2022?


The Sony A7III’s Distinctive Features

Perhaps the most important distinguishing feature of the A7III is its exceptional focus and autofocus coverage. It has more than four times the ‘focus points’ of the comparable Nikon D850. In practice, this means that it’s difficult to miss a shot with the A7III because the camera will find and focus on the subject as long as it’s partially in frame.


The Sony A7III’s second distinguishing feature is the camera’s powerful 5-point image stabilization. This means that regardless of the lens you use with the A7III, it will have access to image stabilization, unlike many cameras that rely on the lens having it.


Both of these characteristics shine brightly during ‘imperfect’ photography. Image stabilization and powerful focus are essential for bringing home usable photos when shooting on the street, but they have little impact on studio shooting.



                       Sony A7III Video

When it comes to video recording, the Sony A7III has some impressive numbers. It captures 4K full frame video*, which is quite impressive. The image stabilization performs admirably during video recording, absorbing footsteps and general human shakiness (though not flawlessly). Video captured with the A7III will be clear, stable, and of high quality.


To be clear, the A7III will not replace a professional’s video setup. It’s premium at the $2000.00 price point and fantastic for hobbyists, but it lacks some features, such as frame rate settings, that professionals will notice.


* Full frame video means that the camera can use its entire field of view while recording video. This is important because it allows you to fit more into the frame while being closer to the subject, allowing you to capture crystal clear high quality video.


Advantageous automatic settings
Excellent Out-of-the-Box Battery Life High-Quality Color Small and Portable Exceptionally Adaptable to Different Photography Styles CONS
Only Sony Lenses
Loud shutter Poor setting for a silent shutter


Only Sony Lenses
extreme shutter
poorly calibrated silent shutter

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